Aircraft Services

Operating a purpose built disassembly and recycling facility, the skills and experience of the dedicated workforce have been specialised to provide a high quality, high value aircraft end of life service. Using our in house EASA Part 145 approval with qualified engineers for part removal and certification, GJD offers its customers total confidence in both the process and the certified part removed.

GJD offers a variety of options for your end-of-life aircraft or engine.

We can carry out the disposal of your hull, offering a 95% recycling rate. We can also manifest, inspect, pack, crate and ship all of your aircraft parts and engines.

Aircraft Disassembly

GJD will offer a tailor-made solution for your end of life aircraft or engine, including full service controlled aircraft parts removal under our Part-145 approval either at our facility, or we can provide a custom solution at your location.

Upon completion of the disassembly process with all the required parts recovered, GJD will dismantle and dispose of the remaining hull under our EA permits and licences.

Engine Disassembly

Engine teardown is an important source of surplus parts for engine repair and overhaul. GJD have set up a dedicated facility to handle engine teardowns, providing customised solutions, from certified QEC removals to full engine recycling.

Providing certified engine storage through to end of life product management, GJD can quickly and efficiently meet customer requirements, providing a valuable return on key components and material recycling.

Aircraft Transport

GJD have been involved in dismantling and road moving aircraft to worldwide locations for a number of years; this culminated in the disassembly, road move from our facility and re-assembly of the RAF’s VC10 XR808 at the RAF Museum during the summer of last year.

Aircraft Recovery

GJD have been involved in the recovery of aircraft as far afield as Bagram in Afghanistan through to Namibia in Africa.

We regularly hold aircraft recovery demonstrations with our partners at BCG Aircraft Recoveries BV, in addition to working with aircraft insurance companies to recover or store aircraft wreckage.